A versatile port-wide power solution in a compact trailer mounted design.

Less expensive and less complex than larger power alternatives, our PortaPacks deliver power where and when you need it most. These highly mobile reefer generator units can be easily hitched to any yard truck for positioning throughout the terminal.

Use them to power to power smaller reefer loads, buildings, RTGs, gates, and any other on-terminal need.

Available in 10, 15, and 20 receptacle plug models there’s a PortaPack to fit any need.

Key Features:

  • Easy to move to any location on terminal with most hitch-equipped yard trucks.
  • Less expensive to operate compared to large reefer power generators
  • Available in 10, 15, or 20 receptacle plug models
  • More than a reefer generator, PortaPacks offer the ability to support other on-terminal power needs like emergency building power.

Who uses PortaPacks?

  • Small Reefer Operators / Chassis Yards – PortaPacks enable the quick set up of a reefer handling facility virtually anywhere. Plus their smaller size affords a lower initial investment and fuel savings over larger diesel powered solutions when powering smaller quantities of refrigerated containers.
  • Pre-Tripping Reefers – Compared to clip-on and underslung GenSets the PortaPack™ can supply power to multiple reefer at the same time. Plus there is added benefit of having only one maintenance and fuel delivery point reducing both time and cost for generator support. A single clip-on genset to power one container will use close to 11 gallons of fuel per hour. A 10-plug PortaPack™ will power 10 containers at only 10.4 gallons per hour when properly equipped; saving the operator close to 9 gallons of fuel per hour!
  • RTG OperatorsThe operator has two options when an RTG is not being used – keep the large on-board diesel generator running for an indefinite amount of time or move the RTG to a position where ground power is available in order to keep the RTG drives ‘alive’. Either choice will cost fuel or time. The efficiency and mobility of the PortaPack™ solves both. In fact, one Portapack™ can easily power 4, 8, or 10+ RTGs.

At Power Pool Plus, we understand that many operations have needs that may not match our standard product offerings. Learn more about our Custom Options, or please contact us to address your unique situation.

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