Purpose Built Power Generation Solutions for Refrigerated Transport Since 1990

Since 1990 Power Pool Plus has been a global leader in manufacturing and renting reefer container generator sets that are specific to the rigorous demands of the refrigerated shipping industry. We call them Purpose Built. You’ll call them perfect for your needs.

Our diesel powered reefer gensets are built to withstand some of the world’s harshest and most demanding locations; like the unyielding arctic seas of Alaska in support of the salmon fishing trade and the relentless heat and humidity of equatorial ports.  Each environment presents its own set of challenges to reefer power generation equipment. Yet one thing is clear, only a product built from the ground up with these considerations in mind will survive.

With a product line that includes traditional Power Packs of 30 and 40-plug configurations to smaller 10 and 20-plug PortaPack designs, there’s a solution to fit any refrigerated cargo operation looking to own or rent.

Power Pool Plus diesel reefer generator


Power Pack Reefer Generator in Use

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